English-speaking church in Eindhoven

Bala Joseph Asirvatham

Bala holds the position of Lay Synod representative from our church at the Archdeaconry of North-West Europe. He is also the member of the Church Council. In the past years he also held the position of Church Warden. He is appointed by the Bishop as Chalice Assistant to assist in the Holy Communion.

Bala is involved in evangelical ministry over many years through “God at Work” and “XEE”. Along with his wife Helen, he is also involved in helping people to navigate the challenges of life, career, and faith through a personal coaching approach they created called “Christ Centred Coaching”.

Bala has professional background in international Human Resource Development, and along with Helen run management consulting and coaching company called FutureXeed. Both are blessed with two adult children and are members of our church from June 2006 and are living in Eindhoven. They are originally from Tamil Nadu, India.