English-speaking church in Eindhoven

Sunday Notice Guidelines

Sunday services usually end with notices. They are part of our life together. Some love them, others are not so keen. In recent times digital facilities have been developed to support face-to-face notices or replace them altogether.

Here are some guidelines which are already followed by some but need to become standard.

So what to do about giving a notice?

  1. Assume that you will probably only be able to give it once on a Sunday.
  2. If it concerns an event you first need to provide the friendly and helpful website Editorial Team details for an Event Notice on the Church webpage.
  3. If it concerns a background story you need to write it down and send it to the Editorial team as a Blog Entry (text and picture material need to come separately).
  4. To bring a notice on Sunday you should advise the service coordinator – usually Pastor Harrison – and if at all possible, send him a screen to support your notice. This then gets included in the Service projection so your information is backed up. This is essential for those who don’t hear well or need to see the key information. Email the Pastor about a notice.
  5. If you want to show a film clip please advise the Service leader – usually Pastor Harrison – and be prepared to send it to Dropbox. Email the Pastor with request to show a film clip.

What we do not want is the beamer operator being asked to upload and adapt material on Sunday when this could be aligned earlier without complications or the Service Leader processing notice requests at the last minute. Do check our website here to be assured of the excellent processing of notices concerning events and more.