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Trinity Book Club 2023-2024

Our worldview defines how we perceive and interpret truth, reality, and morality. These beliefs then drive the way we think, speak, and act.

Come to the 2023/24 Trinity Book Club to discover more!

In 2022/2023 the Trinity Book Club had a group of twelve people who listened to or read “Mere Christianity” by C.S. Lewis. We met on the third Thursday of the month (via Zoom) having read part of the book and reflected on what was written. Our conversations were lively and probing!

This year after much discussion we decided to tackle in the coming year the range of worldviews we are likely to find in our world today, and in particular our Christian worldview. We have chosen the following two exciting books to read/listen/reflect and discuss:

Worldview Books
Book covers
  • “The Universe Next Door: A Basic Worldview Catalog – 6th Edition” by James W. Sire
  • “Dominion” by Tom Holland

“The Universe Next Door” is a well regarded discussion book (now in its sixth edition) cataloging major worldviews from ‘Christian Theism’ through to ‘Postmodernism’; “Dominion” is a lively history book being an account of how the Christian Revolution forged the Western imagination.

Books Resource Page

This page has helpful background information on the two books including important information on how to source the two books either as a printed book, e-book or audio book.

Event Page

The book club discussion sessions will take place every 3rd Thursday of the month, starting on October 19th at 8PM on Zoom. The event details can be found here.

We will read ‘The Universe Next Door’ from October this year till March next year and continue thereafter with ‘Dominion’ from April to July 2024.


Please register below to sign up for the book club. Registrations will close October 15th.