English-speaking church in Eindhoven

2019 Annual General Meeting — Part B

Each year we have a General Meeting of the congregation to review the year, consider issues and elect office holders for the coming year.
In recent years we have been trying out ways to do this that promote involvement.
The format we have developed is a two part meeting: AGM A and AGM B.
Part A is for review and consideration with discussion. Reports are produced and published before this.
Part B is processing the elections of officers for Church Warden and Council Member along with an auditor. Once every three years these elections are also for Lay Synod Representatives.

Background information on the order and practice of all this is available here and here.

AGM A (Review & Discussion) will follow the Morning Service on Sunday 31 March – Lunch to follow.
AGM B (Elections) will be brief and follow the service on Sunday 7 April