English-speaking church in Eindhoven

Prayer Points

Ongoing Prayer Topics


  • Thank God for those willing to take up leadership positions and to serve to the local church in this way.
  • The Wardens and Church Council: unity in the Spirit as they seek discernment on various matters & clarity on God’s leading in all decisions. Especially during this time as we advertise the chaplain vacancy. Wisdom for the appointment team as they process applications and eventually interview candidates. A guided prayer sheet can be found here.
  • Jan (our lay reader): for all the work he does behind the scenes and in preparation, preaching and leading of services.
  • Ministry Teams: website & newsletter content, website & server administration, music, welcome, sound, beamer, coffee, cleaning — that all may be done for the glory of God.
  • Cell Groups – encouraging one another to grow and keep running the race with eyes fixed on Christ. For Lynne and Divya as they co-ordinate this work.
  • All who serve may do so with humility and joy

Our Church Family

  • Thank God we have a vibrant, open community that we can come to in freedom.
  • That we may be one in Christ and continually learn what it means to love one another.
  • That we would come to know Jesus deeply, and live as ‘little Christs’ wherever God has placed us.
  • As we navigate through this season of Covid restrictions – for our online and hybrid services, giving thanks for all the technical and ministerial work that goes into making these accessible.
  • For wisdom as we pray about our venue and facility needs – that we may discern if, when, and where God might be leading.
  • For those who are sick or in pain – physical, emotional, mental or spiritual – for wholeness & a sense of God’s gracious presence.
  • For those struggling with bondage or addiction – that they might have wise counsel and people who can help them on the (often) long journey to freedom and release.
  • Those facing challenging circumstances – patience and strength to trust, endure and not lose hope.
  • The challenges and blessings of marriage and family life.
  • For those expecting children.
  • The challenges and blessings of singleness and childlessness.
  • Many being away from wider family networks and the challenges of living at a distance.

Special events

Prayer Focus Points

Youth and Children 

  • Thank God for His obvious blessings among us and the growth of these ministries.
  • Pray for our ministry teams – Stepping Stones; Kidzchurch; 1Tim4Twelve and TYDE.
  • Pray for the leaders – wisdom, inspiration and strength to grow young disciples.
  • Pray for the young people – that they may see and know Jesus as the Way, the Truth and the Life for themselves.
  • Pray for parents – that there would be good communication and a sense of working together for the building up of God’s Kingdom

Mission and Outreach

  • Thank God that we can partner with so many in the spread of the gospel.
  • Pray for Ruth and Andrew Garvey Williams working in Buncrana, Ireland.
  • Pray for Allston and Shanthi Olive working with ‘Youth for Christ’ in Pondicherry, India.
  • Pray for Aphrezo and Sylvia Kroze in India.
  • Pray for the Gill family in Sri Lanka.
  • Pray for the ‘Mission to Seafarers’ organisation in Rotterdam.
  • Pray for Joe and Anna Beswick as they seek to go on mission in the near future.
  • Pray for the Diocese and wider church network

If you would like specific prayers added to these lists, please feel free to speak to me (Pamela Armstrong) in person, or send me an email.