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Whitelisting Emails From Trinity Church

The Trinity Church website sends out a number of different emails. These can be the regular weekly newsletter, a confirmation email from filling out a form on the website, or other types of emails.

These emails are automatically generated — some email servers and/or email clients may incorrectly mark them as ‘SPAM’ or Junk. Obviously they are not, they are valid emails from the Trinity website. If your email client (or perhaps even your email provider — but this is less likely) marks the Trinity email as junk it may put it into a ‘Junk’ folder, and you may not notice the email.

If you are finding that you are not receiving the newsletter emails in your inbox (again, they may be in your Junk email folder) you may need to ‘whitelist’ the Trinity Church email address(es). Whitelisting basically means you instruct your email client that emails from Trinity Church are not to be considered as junk.

There are many ways to do this and the method can/will be different for each email client and/or computer operating system. Some typical methods include:

  • Adding the Trinity sending email address into your computer’s ‘Address Book’
  • Going to your Junk email folder, finding the Trinity email, selecting it, and instructing the email client that the sending email address is valid/OK.

Providing instructions for every email client is beyond the scope of this help page. Basically the action you need to do is to instruct your email client to whitelist Trinity email address(es). The most commonly used system emails are:

  1. newsletter@trinitychurcheindhoven.org
  2. forms.submission@trinitychurcheindhoven.org
  3. bounce@trinitychurcheindhoven.org

Ideally it is best to whitelist any email from trinitychurcheindhoven.org, but if your email client cannot do that then at a minimum whitelist the email addresses above.

If you have any questions you can contact the webmaster using the website Contact Us form. Choose ‘Website Feedback’ from the Category list.