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Trinity Book Club 2024/2025

The measure of how radical a revolution Christianity was — and, indeed, continues to be — is that the West, having become utterly saturated by Christian assumptions, remains unable to recognise them as such.

Dominion: The Making of the Western Mind, Tom Holland

Come to the 2024/25 Trinity Book Club to discover more!

In 2023/2024 the Trinity Book Club had a group of twelve people read “The Universe Next Door” by James W. Sire. We met on the third Thursday of the month (via Zoom) having read part of the book and reflected on what was written. We had lively conversations and learnt a lot about the worldviews around us.

This year we are going to read/listen/reflect and discuss the book “Dominion” by Tom Holland. We will be looking back through history to discuss how Christian ideas and values have profoundly shaped Western civilisation, often in ways that are so ingrained they are no longer recognised as distinctively Christian.

The first session is planned for Thursday 19th September 8:00 – 9:30 PM. The ongoing sessions will recur once a month on the third Thursday evening.

More information on the Dominion book title can be found here.

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