English-speaking church in Eindhoven

Saturday Afternoon Gathering

This Saturday we have our third Saturday afternoon gathering. We will meet at 4:00 for a time of worship and looking into what shapes us as into who we are and how we can be shaped by living a life as an apprentice of Jesus. We will not be having a shared meal this time but will have a fellowship time over coffee/tea afterwards. So you can go and share a BBQ with your friends that evening after all!

For the background to, and further information about this event please see this blog post.

In the afternoon of the first Saturday of the month from 16:00 till 17:30, we will gather for a time of worship (bring your mobile to get the song words) and a small talk, discussion and response. This will be followed by a simple dinner for those who want to stay (not compulsory). Families and children welcome. There will be entertainment in the creche if needed.

There will be simple food provided for dinner. If you want to bring something to share to add to that (finger food) please do!