English-speaking church in Eindhoven

Christmas 2021 Services Registration

Select the Christmas service(s) you wish to attend in person at Trinity church.

Please provide the name(s) of each person wanting to come. If you will have more than one person attending (a group) then please have just one person fill out details below for everyone coming in the group. Please note there is a maximum of six persons per each group. If you wish to have more than six persons in one group/family attending please contact the wardens. Generally, please be considerate of other persons who may wish to attend services in person — that is you may need to limit the size of your group attending and/or the frequency with which you attend hybrid services.

N.B. — if you book and subsequently are unable to attend please advise Jan Waterschoot by replying to the notification email you received. Jan is managing the registration list and will assign your reservation to another person.

Please indicate each service you (and your group) will be attending. This can be one, or both, services.
Person(s): 1
Please indicate the total number of all persons, including yourself, who will be attending the service(s). As the number of persons is increased entry fields for the additional person(s) will appear.