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Holy Week 2024 – Seder Meal

The Seder meal is primarily a re-enactment to better understand the Last Supper of Jesus and the roots of the Christian Eucharist. We cannot understand Jesus Christ, his mission, teachings and his life without understanding the significance of the Jewish people, their history and belief from the Old Testament.

The Passover is an ancient Jewish festival which is still celebrated enthusiastically by Jewish people. When Christians re-enact the Passover Seder it is not a celebration of the rite but a reflection and a learning experience to deepen understanding.

We will re-enact the Passover (Seder) meal at Trinity on March 28th, 2024. We will enjoy a full meal. Lamb will be served but other side dishes such as vegetable dishes, rice/potatoes, fruits, chocolate, red wine, red grape juice must be brought by those who wish to attend. We will also re-enact Jesus washing his disciple’s feet at the Last Supper. A donation of 5 Euro per person will be collected to cover costs.

N.B. the last day for registration is on Palm Sunday (March 24, 2024)

Please note: this registration form has security checks. Ideally, to avoid problems, please fill out the form from your home Internet connection, and, if possible, on a computer.


Total number of adults attending – including yourself and your guests.
Total number of children (under 16) attending – including your guests.
Meal items you can bring

Please share what item(s) you can bring for both the main course and dessert. In both cases (main & dessert) you can select one or more items. If you are unable to bring anything however please choose ‘N/A’.

Please ensure none of the items you bring contain any yeast and/or dairy products/additives.