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Pastor’s Q&A

While there is always theological interest and curiosity in Trinity Church it seems that Lockdown is providing time to think and that brings up the questions usually buried in business. Some of these questions then come to me in conversation.

As Zoom is working so well for us I thought to provide the opportunity for Q & A sessions where from the comfort of your own home you can ask anything about anything and I will attempt a theologically and biblically reference response. I would welcome questions that probe assumed practices and understandings.

On Ascension Day I hosted a first session of Pastor’s Q&A. There were real questions brought and answers offered. Since then, more questions have tricked in. It seems that thinking is being stimulated and questions being shared. Some are personal, some Biblical, technical etc.

I would like to offer a second Q&A session on Tuesday 2 June from 20.00

Not all those coming have to bring a question as listening to the process is valuable.
You may discover your questions voiced by others?
If enough people bring their live question we have a very worthwhile session.

The duration is 90 minutes.

The Zoom address for this is in the weekly newsletter.

A Pastor’s Q&A has already been trialed by the young members of 1Tim4Twelve a few Saturdays ago where profound questions and comments came from a Canine. (bottom-left screen)