English-speaking church in Eindhoven

Passover (Seder) Meal Maundy Thursday

This special meal commemorates the Last Supper in the form of a Jewish Passover Seder meal in the Church as the ‘Upper Room’.

We will hear Jesus’ new commandment to his disciples and have opportunities to enact our willingness to obey. This is a full meal of lamb, vegetables and sweets. Feel free to invite friends to this event.

This is a special opportunity for you (and all the family) to experience the original ‘communion’ service. Discover what Jesus command to ‘Do this to remember me’ encompasses in a deeper way.

Cost €3 pp and an assigned dish/drink. 6pm – 9pm. Meal begins at 6:15pm sharp. Registration is essential — please register using the form below by Monday evening (so that we can adequately cater for all coming).

Total number of adults attending – including yourself and your guests.
Total number of children (under 16) attending – including your guests.
Please ensure none of the items you bring contain any yeast or dairy product/additives.