English-speaking church in Eindhoven

Combined English-Speaking International Churches

A Meeting of the English-Speaking Eindhoven Churches

Long standing members may remember a special event in late 2007 that brought together the three Eindhoven English-speaking international churches present then. Plans are being made for such an event again between the current English-speaking churches, it will be held on Sunday 16 September this year. The churches confirmed as attending are — International Baptist Church, Cornerstone Baptist Fellowship and Trinity Church Eindhoven.

This will be extra to the normal Sunday morning services of all the churches involved. The joint service will be held at the Maranathakerk (Dutch church) church building. Starting time is 15:00, the service will run for approximately one hour. There will be crèche supervision available for children 4 and under.

Coffee and tea will be provided after the service. Please bring finger food to share.

Why do this?
  • God delights in the unity of his children. Taking an hour once every 10 years to acknowledge and meet other English-speaking Christians is good for the Kingdom of God in Eindhoven, the city where we live.
  • The outreach of International Churches in the Eindhoven Region is weak. This is despite the current inflow of internationals to the region. Lack of unity and isolation among Christians may be part of the reason for this. This will be an opportunity to pray to the Lord of the harvest for strong international mission in the Eindhoven region.

If your heart jumps at this and you would like to be part of the planning team please let Francis know. Otherwise please mark this date in your planner.