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Christmas Market Fair

Christmas Missions Market 2023

Christmas Market Cakes

On Sunday, December 10th, after the church service, we will have our Christmas missions market. Money raised from sales in the market will be used to fund our mission partners. There will be food, handicrafts, activities, and performances to enjoy.

You can bring your favorite food or snacks to sell. You can also bring handicrafts — any form of artwork; books; toys; and so forth — to sell. In addition children and adults will have the opportunity to use their many talents. For example you could sing a song; play an instrument; tell a story; perform a dance; take photographs; draw pictures; organise a game, whatever you can imagine.

If you are planning to bring something to sell, or if you like to perform an activity, please fill in your preferences on the Christmas missions market registration sheet placed at the rear of the church. In case of any questions please do not hesitate to contact any one of us from the FOMT team — Hwee-Chong, June L., Juan.