English-speaking church in Eindhoven

Annual General Meeting 2023

This year’s AGM & elections will be conducted on April 16th, 2023. Please mark this date in your agenda. After the service on that day, we will have a light joint lunch in which everyone brings their own lunch/sandwiches/finger food. The AGM will commence immediately after lunch.

Reports from office holders and documents related to the AGM are available via the link in our newsletter. Please use our website contact form if you did not receive the newsletter and would like to read the reports.

Nominations need to be received by the Electoral Roll officer (Rani) before 6 p.m., Saturday April 15th, 2023. Please prayerfully consider whether you would like to serve Trinity Church as a warden, council member, or lay synod representative. If you want more information about any of these roles, feel free to reach out to the pastor or any council member.

If you want to vote, nominate someone, second or be nominated at this meeting you need to register on the electoral roll. Contested voting is uncommon but the option is there.

The AGM nomination forms and associated documents are available as ZIP file here.