English-speaking church in Eindhoven

New Year’s Eve Prayer

A time of prayer to begin the New Year organised by the ‘Indian Christian Friends & Families’ Eindhoven.

Taking the end of the year holidays as an opportunity to reflect on the main areas of life (family, friends, church, work, leisure etc.) and then think about what God might want to do in these areas during the next year, is a good and a usual reflection most of us do.

It is a great thing to walk with God in life and it always gives us the opportunity to start anew, prayerfully in God’s presence.

As 2019 ends and the New Year begins, please join us in thanking God for all he has done in 2019 and asking God to revive us and to help begin 2020 with a new and renewed hope.

Come join us for a time of praise, sharing and fellowship! A high tea will follow the time of prayer.


  • Arun Suyambu (IBC) +31 6 87446679
  • Benjamin (CBF) +31 6 47893090
  • Arul Shalom (TCE) +31 6 25007526