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God & Work Workshop


The workshop is a day long event from 09:00 to 16:00 hours, including lunch and refreshments, and will be held at Trinity Church Eindhoven (address details and driving directions above).

Registration is €20 for a single person, €30 for married couples (joint registration). To register please click the ‘Register’ button above which will take you to the external registration website.

If you have any financial difficulty and still wish to attend please contact Bala Asirvatham by email.

What is this workshop about?

The God & Work workshop is about finding God’s purpose and will for us in the work that we do, and/or want to do. This also helps you in living out your Christian faith at work. The highly interactive workshop is designed both by Christian theologians and ordinary Christians who work in normal jobs. It has a strong basis in the Bible. There are frequent references to scripture, group discussions and reflections. Bonus: Career advice with coaching and prayer support! Please note: this is not an evangelism workshop.

Who can attend?

This workshop is for all Christians who are currently working or seeking work. You may be in paid or unpaid work. You may be a student, or already retired. The workshop is designed to help you to face your current challenges at your work/career, and also if you are seeking the next steps in your job/career. Please pass this on to anyone who you believe may benefit from attending the workshop.

Who is organising this workshop?

The God & Work initiative was launched in Amsterdam, the Netherlands in 2014.  It is presently led by Roland Heersink as chairman, and Dr. Szaszi Bene, Professor of Theology at Tyndale Theological Seminary in the Netherlands. Further information can be found at the website. Juan Christopher, from Trinity Church Eindhoven first brought this workshop to Trinity Church in October 2017. That workshop was attended by many people at the time.

Now, Bala Asirvatham, a Trinity Church congregation member, has joined joined this initiative and will lead the upcoming God & Work workshop here in Eindhoven. Bala’s profile and a short testimony can be found here.

For God & Work Workshop

— Bala Asirvatham & Juan Christopher.

If you have any questions please reach out to Bala Asirvatham (email) or Juan Christopher (email)

This is an external event at Trinity Church Eindhoven