English-speaking church in Eindhoven

Goodbye Francis and Barbara

The time is rapidly approaching when, after many years of faithful service, Francis and Barbara will be leaving Trinity Church and returning to the land of the ‘long white cloud‘.

What’s Planned

A number of events & actions have been planned, the details are below. We encourage everyone to get involved to help to provide Francis and Barbara a memorable send-off!

Important Point: To send a general question to the whole Farewell Committee team please email them at this email address: farewell.committee@trinitychurcheindhoven.org

The emails mentioned below for the ‘Book of Memories’ and the video compilation are specifically just for those particular activities.

1. Farewell Gift

You can make a contribution towards a farewell cash offering gift to Francis & Barbara here. The target we are aiming for is one thousand Euros. The progress bar will update as contributions come in. Contributions can be anywhere from €10 to €100.

The names of contributors will be added to a card with the gift.

STOP THE PRESS: We’ve hit € 1000 — thank you to everyone who has contributed so far! There was a great response so we’re aiming higher! The new target is € 1200 let’s see if we can reach that.

Target for farewell gift for Francis & Barbara
€ 1.040 / € 1.200

2. Book of Memories (a.k.a. ‘As Time Goes By‘)

Manju will be making up a beautiful ‘digital album’ book with memories, thoughts, prayers and best wishes for Francis & Barbara. She will be the editor and compile the book of memories which will then be printed out and presented to Francis & Barbara.

For this she needs as much source material as possible. For example:

  • Photo(s) of you/your family;
  • Photo(s) of a memorable time for you in Trinity e.g. baptism, presenting your children for dedication, christening, confirmation;
  • Written wishes, prayers, blessings for Francis & Barbara;
  • Any other things that may have inspired you:
    • a sermon you most remember,
    • how have they been a blessing to you/and your family,
    • specific memories etc…

How to submit content. Please email source material: so photos in original size (as high a resolution as possible) as attachments to your email, text as plain text in the body of the email (not word processing files).

Please submit your contribution(s) for items to go into the ‘Book of Memories’ as soon as you can to this email address: book.memories@trinitychurcheindhoven.org so we have plenty of time to prepare. If you have any questions specifically about what to contribute, please do not hesitate to contact us (again using the special email address).

If you have great pictures of various aspects of the last eighteen years please do share them as well. For example KidZchurch, Trinity camps, Palm Sunday walk etc., or any aspect of community life, for example putting up the cross, Passover supper. These will provide a collage of events and happenings over the past eighteen years.

3. Video Compilation of Blessings/Scripture

We would like if each person or family could think of a scripture that they would like to use as a farewell thought/prayer/prophecy and to record it as a short film clip.

Using your video on phone or tablet would be a handy way to do this. Most mobile phones have good video recording functionality these days.

We would like these to represent the many languages we have in Trinity, there may be several in one family.

Please state the scripture book and verse number in English, then recite the scripture reading in your own language.

Please feel free to be expressive in the way you present this, but also try not to make it too long. The video clips need to be fairly concise and punchy.

All the video clips will be blended together to provide a video montage and we would like to have a physical ‘hand-over’ between each person/family video clip. So, to explain, to start with be turned facing to your left with the camera; then turn towards the camera to introduce yourselves and read your scripture. When you are finished turn to your right to ‘hand-over’ to the next person.

Please upload your video file (preferably in .MP4 or .MOV format) to the file sharing service WeTransfer. For the ‘Email to’ address use this dedicated email — video.memories@trinitychurcheindhoven.org

If you have any questions please email: video.memories@trinitychurcheindhoven.org

Both the ‘Book of Memories’ and the ‘Blessing/Scripture Compilation’ video will take some time to compile so we are asking everyone to submit both items by the 31st of October.

4. Poem / Song

Kris Pol will be producing a humorous side to our church live events in a poem/song. Watch out! You may be called upon to help perform this in some way… more details later about this.

5. Farewell Event

We are brainstorming ways to present all of this as not all of us can be present at a physical farewell, but there may be many creative ways that we can say goodbye to Francis & Barbara as a congregation. The date for this event will be announced in a following email.

So, that’s it… please start thinking and planning your various contributions to this important milestone in the life of Trinity.

The Noordanus Farewell Committee: Manju / Kris / Lynne / Divya