English-speaking church in Eindhoven

Different ALL-AGE Service

On Sunday we will have our monthly ALL AGE service.  The team preparing this service met recently and after prayer considered what we could do to enhance the sense of being a community gathered in worship.  We soon talked about seating.  Usually we are a bit like passengers on a bus or plane all looking forward so that the ‘front’ is looked at while few other worshippers are noticed.  On Sunday we are going to change that with seating in the round so that we all become more aware of being a community gathered in God’s presence.

The service itself will involve being focused on symbols of God’s presence while being aware of ourselves as a gathered community.  If you read this and wonder what to do, imagine you and yours are coming to a camp fire.  Bring a cushion to ensure your comfort on bench seat or carpet.

You will also meet some biblical characters from Mark 12:38-44.